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  • Sergey Frank International
    Sergey Frank International

    The International Management Consultants.

  • Sales

    We help you successfully establish or optimise your sales activities abroad. Apart from finding and selecting suitable distribution partners, we offer professional all-round solutions that combine your market entry or further market expansion with the best possible success.

  • Executive Search

    We support you in finding suitable and competent specialists and executives abroad and at your headquarters. We offer comprehensive HR-related advice – from a thorough executive search, to individual consulting on remuneration issues and the final integration of your new personnel.

  • Organisation

    To ensure a long-lasting success of your international activities we help you optimize your internal structures. We define important interfaces, offer customised coachings and analyse the specific abilities of your international executive team with the help of Management Appraisals.

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The "We-feeling"

16 April 2018 , Article

The Football World Cup 2018 in Russia is approaching and the topic "team" was and is, besides all footballing skills, a decisive factor/match-deciding factor. The same applies to international business. Here again, the idea of the "team" is decisive/essential. The full article can be found here (in German language):

Corporate culture - an increasingly important factor

16 April 2018 , Article

More than ever before, profits and profitability of investments (also known as "return on investment", or briefly called “ROI”) which means profit considerations or so-called "shareholder value" play an important role. . This is completely comprehensible for companies of all sizes, as it is the economic result of an investment which eventually counts for an investor. The full article can be found here (in German language):

New Release: International Business To Go by Sergey Frank

22 March 2018 , Publication

How do I successfully implement proven expertise/solid experience internationally? This includes, in particular, a living corporate culture, proper communication in an international environment, the recruitment and retention of suitable people and the conclusion of international business. This guide provides practice-oriented answers to many questions. By means of/On the basis of concrete case studies and specific country examples, you will learn how to master different challenges in the context of internationalization/in terms of internationalization. You could almost say that the know-how provided in this book is the prerequisite for your success abroad.


Please find further information on the book (in German language) here.